industrial electrical services

Project: Burke Marketing Grind Room & Receiving Cooler Addition / Blast Freezer Addition

Location: Nevada, Iowa
The first phase of this project consisted of a 9,970 square foot receiving cooler addition used to unload temperature-controlled cargo from delivery trucks. This required a new 800 amp 480 volt service, sub-panels, lighting, three rooftop units, and six refrigeration units used to maintain 32 degrees in the receiving room.

The second phase was a 5,150 square foot freezer addition. Our crews wired a new service, sub-panels, lighting, and three refrigeration units used to maintain -20 to -40 degrees inside the freezer.

Both of the new services installed were over 800′ from the main service.

Because of the nature of the project, very specialized materials were used. All materials and methods had to accommodate a harsh, moist, corrosive, and cold environment. All of this was accomplished without interruption of the customer’s normal production schedule.

Nelson Electric received a Project of the Year Award in 1999 from the Associated Builders and Contractors of Iowa for this project.