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Project: ISU Memorial Union Remodel And Renovation

Location: Ames, Iowa
This three-phase project consisted of a 30,000 square foot food court remodel (Phase I), a 20,000 square foot student office remodel (Phase II), and the 7,500 square foot Sun Room renovation (Phase III).

Phase I included a nine-restaurant food court and convenience store, a new commercial kitchen and bakery, Commons renovations, and HVAC renovations to the Great Hall. Phases II and III were on short completion schedules and Nelson Electric had complete design responsibilities.

This project posed many challenges with the building’s 30″ thick walls and very limited space for mechanical and electrical systems. Our crews installed 1,530 light fixtures, twenty feeders and panels, a fire alarm system, a dimming system, electrical connections and life safety systems for two new elevators, and provided alterations and additions to two unit substations.

Nelson Electric received a Project of the Year Award in 1997 from the Associated Builders and Contractors of Iowa for this project.